7 Day Tidal information can be obtained from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Tees location
54° 35' N,1° 13' W (Teesport)
Largest vessel
Length: 305m 
Beam: 47.5m 
Channel: 15.4m LAT
Contact Harbour Master for larger vessels
Navigation: The River Tees is approached from the NE at Tees Bay through a deepwater channel. The approach channel has a dredged depth of 15.4m from Tees Fairway light buoy to the entrance, where it reduces to 14.1m. Thereafter the maintained depth is progressively reduced to 4.5m east of Billingham Beck, 7 nautical miles from the entrance. Above Billingham the channel is not dredged.


Hartlepool location 
54° 42' N,1° 12' W
Largest vessel
Length: 190m 
Beam: 33m 
Channel: 5.7m LAT 
Contact Harbour Master for larger vessels
Navigation: Hartlepool Dock is south-facing into Hartlepool Bay and is situated 4 nautical miles North of the River Tees. Leading lights and buoys lead through the entrance channel with a nominal dredged depth of 5.7m below LAT.