Reverse logistics

In today’s society we are fully aware of the increasing need to embrace the concept of recycling; this is prevalent in both our personal and business lives.

As the owner and operator of a number of ports and terminals throughout the UK, we are committed to the development of innovative and sustainable operations that benefit the economy, environment and quality of life for our clients, stakeholders and neighbours.

To this end PD Ports has developed a range of services that offer our customers the ability to dispose of household and commercial materials in an environmentally friendly way. PD Ports offer customers comprehensive and efficient supply chain solutions, providing economic and environmental benefits. From kerbside collection to onward global shipment the team within PD Ports can provide the solution.

Working to promote environmental interest, Recycling Services provides contract services to Local Authorities, commercial and industrial customers to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve government targets to build a low carbon UK. These services include the collection and processing of recyclable household items, which include cardboard, glass, metal, paper, plastics and textiles. 

Our core activities include:

  • Kerbside household collections
  • Transport of recyclates
  • Operation of materials handling facility
  • Commercial & industrial waste handling and disposal
  • Containerisation of recyclates and waste products
  • Onward global shipment